Oct 16

John Mulligans Podcast click here to find it

John Mulligan speaks about the health of the world’s stock markets and investor’s appetite for equities across these markets since the on set of the economic downturn. Since the credit crisis, the markets have been starved by unscrupulous companies who have required vast amounts of capital to save them from bankruptcy.

He also speaks about how the onset of the economic crisis has starved the IPO markets. What he is debating is whether the health of these markets is improving. I agree with him in his assessment that the markets have slightly recovered. This improvement of the stock markets across the globe is obvious through the fact that activity has significantly picked up through 28 new listings raising over $400 billion in investment capital throughout the second quarter of 2009.

On a global level, the pace of initial public offerings have picked up substantially over the two quarters. Forty-nine successful IPOs have raised some $34 billion compared from just four IPOs raising barely $1 billion a year ago.

In the world market, there is a substantial increase in activity. It is absolutely vital that equity finance begin to flow again in order to fund the companies that power economic growth. We see signs that the markets are recovering.

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