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General Information:
BCB Holdings is a private limited company that holds a significant stake in a group of financial service providers which do business primarily in the Caribbean and South America.
The firm strives to increase shareholders’ value by providing valuable financial products and services to under served communities in the Caribbean and South America.

Current Holdings:
BCB Holdings hold a significant stake in a group of banks that do business in Belize and in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

These banks include:
–Belize Bank, LTD.
–British Caribbean Bank International, LTD.
–British Caribbean Bank Limited.
Business Strategy:
BCB Holdings strives to maximise shareholders’ value by offering clients high-value deposit account products, business and consumer loan products, credit card products and interest bearing deposit products.

Moreover, the firm tries to minimise the risk of extending credit to clients by offering a customised selection of loan products and credit card products that offer clients flexible repayment terms, convenient payment locations and other perks that are designed to make the repayment process as simple as possible.

Other Important Details:
AIM Stock Symbol: BCB.
Board of Directors:
CEO: Lyndon Guiseppi.
CFO: Peter Gaze.
Chairman: Wendell Mottley.
Deputy Chairman: Philip Johnson.

Brief Financial Summary for 2010:
Total Assets: £732,120,000.
Net Operations Income: £4,510,000.
Total Net Income: £16,000,000.

Interest Income: £57,280,000.
Interest Expenses: £27,930,000.
Loans Granted: £510,060,000.

Please remember: All financial data in this section have been rounded off to the nearest £1,000 for simplicity. The next set of financial data has been rounded to nearest pence to aid in analysis.
Diluted Earnings per Share: 17 p/share.

Contact Information:
Mailing address:
C/O Cenkos Securities Limited,
6.7.8 Tokenhouse Yard,
London, EC2R 7AS.

Phone Number: (44) 20 7397 8900.

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