Jun 28

General Information:
The European Islamic Investment Bank is one of the largest banks in Europe that caters to the needs of Islamic residents. The bank strives to provide high-quality banking services to the Islamic community. These services include leasing services, insurance underwriting services, hedge fund management services, and property investment services.

Business Strategy:
The European Islamic Investment Bank must comply with Sharia’a regulations. As a result, it must usually shun traditional investment and growth strategies.

Instead, the firm provides banking services that hold serve with the Muslim faith’s Sharia’a regulations. These regulations require the bank to shun interest payments on loans. They also require the firm to shun investments that are considered to go against the regulations set forth by the Sharia’a.

As a result, the bank’s general business strategy is to make efficient use of its resources to maximise consumers’ benefits. To achieve this result, the European Islamic Investment Bank offers a variety of loans, insurance products and savings schemes which allow consumers to participate in business activities while still following Sharia’a regulations.

Other Information:
AIM Stock Symbol: EIIB.
Market Capitalisation: £ 69,300,000.
Total Assets: £ 181,540,000.
Total Liabilities: £ 34,460,000.
Net Assets: £147,008,000.

Net 2010 Profits: -: £5,860,000.
(Please note: All data recorded in this section were rounded to the nearest – £1,000 to account for slight variations in exchange rates.)

Principal Officers:
Chief Executive Officer: Subhi Benkhadra.
Finance Director: Keith McCloud.
Chairman: Shabir Ahmed Randeree.

Contact information:
Website: http://www.eiib.co.uk.

Physical Addresses:
In the UK:
Milton Gate
60 Chiswell Street
London, EC1Y 4SA

In the Middle East:
Almoayyed Tower, 30th Floor
P.O. Box 1660, Offices 3002 & 3004
Al Seef Area
Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: +973 17 501 234.
Fax: +973 17 501 258.

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