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Basic Background Information:
The ICB Financial Group is also known to industry insiders as the ICB Banking Group or as the International Commercial Bank. It is a Switzerland-based financial services provider that offers consumers and corporations a wide variety of banking services. The firm operates branches in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Business Strategy:
The ICB Financial Group strives to provide basic and intermediate banking services to previously under-served areas and developing countries.

The aim of these services is to create long-term banking relationships with customers who could potentially access the firm’s credit and mortgage services. As a result, the firm strives to build high-quality customer relationships by providing value-added deposit services, access to basic banking services, access to micro loans and access to great customer service.

Current Business Locations:
The ICB Financial Group conducts business in many places around the world. Here is a brief listing of the firm’s most popular branch locations.

–ICB Limited, Ghana.
–ICB Bank Lao Limited.
–ICB Bank Serene Leone.
–ICB Bank Zambia, Limited.

Other Important Details:
London Stock Exchange AIM symbol: ICB.
Total Assets: £875,000,000 as of February 2011.
Value of 2010 Deposits: £835,000,000.
Net Interest Income for 2010: £42,300,000.

Shareholders’ Equity: £1,235,000 as of February 2011.
Value of Outstanding Loans: £675,000,000 as of February 2011.
Net 2010 Operating Profit: £5,230,000.

(Please remember that the above data were rounded off to the nearest £1,000 for convenience.)

Principal Officers:
Chairman: Michael Robert Hanlon.
CFO: Muniandy R Krishnan.

Managing Director of Consumer Banking: Al Alagappan.

Contact Information:
UK Mailing Address:
CREST Depositary Interests
Euroclear UK & Ireland Limited
33 Cannon Street
London EC4M 5SB, United Kingdom.

Telephone Numbers:
C/O ShareCommService AG
Europastrasse 29
CH-8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland
Tel: +044 809 5858
Fax: +044 809 5859.


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