Jun 16

Alternative Energy Ltd. provides a variety of environmentally friendly solutions for lighting and construction. Their stated goals are to provide alternative energy solutions as well as ways to save both money and energy on new home construction from the ground up. From eLUMEN LED light bulbs to solar powered streetlights to entire homes built using green construction standards for heat, electricity and water conservation, Alternative Energy Ltd is at the forefront of green development.

The company was founded in 2006, and it has maintained a position on AIM since late 2007. It has generally been conservative as far as penny stocks go, maintaining a value between 4 and 6 cents per share over the past four years. It is relatively small as a company, yet its offerings are quite diverse, and it has been difficult for investors to read or make impulsive decisions with regards to its share price.

As a young company, Alternative Energy Ltd. has yet to show investors the extent of its potential value. For instance, it offers affordable energy-saving lights, a special rooftop design to maximize energy conservation and eco-friendly buildings to live in. Each subsystem is designed to fit together to create a futuristic “green” lifestyle for sale; however, the company has not yet developed every subsystem to its fullest capacity. As a result, it offers less of an integrated lifestyle and more of an eclectic mix of environmentally friendly options.

Still, Alternative Energy Ltd. is seen by many investors as an attractive investment. It is poised to make big gains once it releases just a few more products and sees profit margins go just a little higher. It is currently slightly over 6 cents per share, the highest it’s ever been, and investors see this company continuing to grow, whether it’s steadily or explosively, over the years to come.

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