Jun 16

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited was established in 1992 by several private energy companies working along with Australia’s Commonwealth Science and Industry Research Organisation. The Company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2005, the company raised $25 million and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. In 2006, it raised £37 million and listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. The company’s code on both exchanges is CFU.

In 2009 it raised an additional $33 million by offering placement memorandums to new investors and rights issues to current investors. The bulk of CFCL’s operation is in Australia where it has most of its staff and assets. This may change as the company seeks and receives investment capital and marketing rights from European governments and industries.

Ceramic Fuel Cells is an alternative-energy company specializing in the development of solid-oxide-[fuel-cell technology. The company is in advanced development and working rapidly towards putting their fuel cells on the market.

These cells will be small units for home or on-site production of electricity and heat. The company already has a plant in the United Kingdom that will make high-quality ceramic powders and another plant in Germany ready for high-volume, fuel-cell stack production. Their premier product will be the Blue-Gen unit.

In 2009, they received an order from Paloma for a Blue-Gen stack to power their warehouse and sales office in Japan. By the third quarter of 2010, they made their first sale in the U.S.

Looking into the future, CFCL hopes to create a strong market for micro fuel cells that will power single appliances. They are already making arrangements with appliance manufacturers to put the company’s fuel cells into their products. In order to do this, however, they still need to improve power output and stack life of their micro units.

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