Nov 23

General Information:
GTL Resources is one of the top bio-refining corporations, and it has a subsidiary, Illinois River Energy, that makes over 100 million gallons of ethanol each year out of a production facility in Rochelle, Illinois. GTL created the project, got the financing, organized the building, and now manage the business. The Rochelle site is strategically positioned next to a lot of corn because of the high-yield, abundant acreage around the plant. Plus, there is quick true access vis-a-vis interstate highways, rail access to ethanol markets, and cheap access to Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles, the acronym being DDGS.

Future Strategy:
GTL’s future strategy is to enhance and strengthen its ethanol to corn manufacturing mechanism and is currently looking into technologies that can convert its ethanol plant into a more modernized bio-refining facility. The emerging technologies it is looking at include those that would create additional revenue and profit, that would tack on to the current ethanol business. GTL is looking into mergers, acquisitions, and licensing. There are practical plans in place to secure these advances in ethanol production.

Other Important Details:
AIM Stock Symbol: GTL.

Management Team:
Non-Executive Chairman: Julia Henderson
Executive Director and Group CEO: Richard Ruebe
Non-Executive Director: Graham Wickham
Non-Executive Director: Dr. Martha Schlicher
Executive Officer, Vice President of Business Development and Commercial Director: Dr. Vince Kwasniewski
Executive Officer, CFO and Treasurer: Jeff Lemajeur
Executive Officer: Neil Jackel

To develop food, fuel, and technology for today and tomorrow all while preserving the environment. Values and people principles are a core element of GTL’s operating philosophy. Capability, expertise, and resources are used to infuse their people with energy and achieve their vision of the future. All this is done under the aegis of an ethanol production company. GTL believes that both people and technology make a difference in the economy.

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Sep 01

General Information:
BCB Holdings is a private limited company that holds a significant stake in a group of financial service providers which do business primarily in the Caribbean and South America.
The firm strives to increase shareholders’ value by providing valuable financial products and services to under served communities in the Caribbean and South America.

Current Holdings:
BCB Holdings hold a significant stake in a group of banks that do business in Belize and in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

These banks include:
–Belize Bank, LTD.
–British Caribbean Bank International, LTD.
–British Caribbean Bank Limited.
Business Strategy:
BCB Holdings strives to maximise shareholders’ value by offering clients high-value deposit account products, business and consumer loan products, credit card products and interest bearing deposit products.

Moreover, the firm tries to minimise the risk of extending credit to clients by offering a customised selection of loan products and credit card products that offer clients flexible repayment terms, convenient payment locations and other perks that are designed to make the repayment process as simple as possible.

Other Important Details:
AIM Stock Symbol: BCB.
Board of Directors:
CEO: Lyndon Guiseppi.
CFO: Peter Gaze.
Chairman: Wendell Mottley.
Deputy Chairman: Philip Johnson.

Brief Financial Summary for 2010:
Total Assets: £732,120,000.
Net Operations Income: £4,510,000.
Total Net Income: £16,000,000.

Interest Income: £57,280,000.
Interest Expenses: £27,930,000.
Loans Granted: £510,060,000.

Please remember: All financial data in this section have been rounded off to the nearest £1,000 for simplicity. The next set of financial data has been rounded to nearest pence to aid in analysis.
Diluted Earnings per Share: 17 p/share.

Contact Information:
Mailing address:
C/O Cenkos Securities Limited,
6.7.8 Tokenhouse Yard,
London, EC2R 7AS.

Phone Number: (44) 20 7397 8900.

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Aug 21

Basic Background Information:
The ICB Financial Group is also known to industry insiders as the ICB Banking Group or as the International Commercial Bank. It is a Switzerland-based financial services provider that offers consumers and corporations a wide variety of banking services. The firm operates branches in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Business Strategy:
The ICB Financial Group strives to provide basic and intermediate banking services to previously under-served areas and developing countries.

The aim of these services is to create long-term banking relationships with customers who could potentially access the firm’s credit and mortgage services. As a result, the firm strives to build high-quality customer relationships by providing value-added deposit services, access to basic banking services, access to micro loans and access to great customer service.

Current Business Locations:
The ICB Financial Group conducts business in many places around the world. Here is a brief listing of the firm’s most popular branch locations.

–ICB Limited, Ghana.
–ICB Bank Lao Limited.
–ICB Bank Serene Leone.
–ICB Bank Zambia, Limited.

Other Important Details:
London Stock Exchange AIM symbol: ICB.
Total Assets: £875,000,000 as of February 2011.
Value of 2010 Deposits: £835,000,000.
Net Interest Income for 2010: £42,300,000.

Shareholders’ Equity: £1,235,000 as of February 2011.
Value of Outstanding Loans: £675,000,000 as of February 2011.
Net 2010 Operating Profit: £5,230,000.

(Please remember that the above data were rounded off to the nearest £1,000 for convenience.)

Principal Officers:
Chairman: Michael Robert Hanlon.
CFO: Muniandy R Krishnan.

Managing Director of Consumer Banking: Al Alagappan.

Contact Information:
UK Mailing Address:
CREST Depositary Interests
Euroclear UK & Ireland Limited
33 Cannon Street
London EC4M 5SB, United Kingdom.

Telephone Numbers:
C/O ShareCommService AG
Europastrasse 29
CH-8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland
Tel: +044 809 5858
Fax: +044 809 5859.


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Jun 28

General Information:
The European Islamic Investment Bank is one of the largest banks in Europe that caters to the needs of Islamic residents. The bank strives to provide high-quality banking services to the Islamic community. These services include leasing services, insurance underwriting services, hedge fund management services, and property investment services.

Business Strategy:
The European Islamic Investment Bank must comply with Sharia’a regulations. As a result, it must usually shun traditional investment and growth strategies.

Instead, the firm provides banking services that hold serve with the Muslim faith’s Sharia’a regulations. These regulations require the bank to shun interest payments on loans. They also require the firm to shun investments that are considered to go against the regulations set forth by the Sharia’a.

As a result, the bank’s general business strategy is to make efficient use of its resources to maximise consumers’ benefits. To achieve this result, the European Islamic Investment Bank offers a variety of loans, insurance products and savings schemes which allow consumers to participate in business activities while still following Sharia’a regulations.

Other Information:
AIM Stock Symbol: EIIB.
Market Capitalisation: £ 69,300,000.
Total Assets: £ 181,540,000.
Total Liabilities: £ 34,460,000.
Net Assets: £147,008,000.

Net 2010 Profits: -: £5,860,000.
(Please note: All data recorded in this section were rounded to the nearest – £1,000 to account for slight variations in exchange rates.)

Principal Officers:
Chief Executive Officer: Subhi Benkhadra.
Finance Director: Keith McCloud.
Chairman: Shabir Ahmed Randeree.

Contact information:

Physical Addresses:
In the UK:
Milton Gate
60 Chiswell Street
London, EC1Y 4SA

In the Middle East:
Almoayyed Tower, 30th Floor
P.O. Box 1660, Offices 3002 & 3004
Al Seef Area
Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: +973 17 501 234.
Fax: +973 17 501 258.

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