Nov 23

General Information:
GTL Resources is one of the top bio-refining corporations, and it has a subsidiary, Illinois River Energy, that makes over 100 million gallons of ethanol each year out of a production facility in Rochelle, Illinois. GTL created the project, got the financing, organized the building, and now manage the business. The Rochelle site is strategically positioned next to a lot of corn because of the high-yield, abundant acreage around the plant. Plus, there is quick true access vis-a-vis interstate highways, rail access to ethanol markets, and cheap access to Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles, the acronym being DDGS.

Future Strategy:
GTL’s future strategy is to enhance and strengthen its ethanol to corn manufacturing mechanism and is currently looking into technologies that can convert its ethanol plant into a more modernized bio-refining facility. The emerging technologies it is looking at include those that would create additional revenue and profit, that would tack on to the current ethanol business. GTL is looking into mergers, acquisitions, and licensing. There are practical plans in place to secure these advances in ethanol production.

Other Important Details:
AIM Stock Symbol: GTL.

Management Team:
Non-Executive Chairman: Julia Henderson
Executive Director and Group CEO: Richard Ruebe
Non-Executive Director: Graham Wickham
Non-Executive Director: Dr. Martha Schlicher
Executive Officer, Vice President of Business Development and Commercial Director: Dr. Vince Kwasniewski
Executive Officer, CFO and Treasurer: Jeff Lemajeur
Executive Officer: Neil Jackel

To develop food, fuel, and technology for today and tomorrow all while preserving the environment. Values and people principles are a core element of GTL’s operating philosophy. Capability, expertise, and resources are used to infuse their people with energy and achieve their vision of the future. All this is done under the aegis of an ethanol production company. GTL believes that both people and technology make a difference in the economy.

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Sep 01

General Information:
BCB Holdings is a private limited company that holds a significant stake in a group of financial service providers which do business primarily in the Caribbean and South America.
The firm strives to increase shareholders’ value by providing valuable financial products and services to under served communities in the Caribbean and South America.

Current Holdings:
BCB Holdings hold a significant stake in a group of banks that do business in Belize and in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

These banks include:
–Belize Bank, LTD.
–British Caribbean Bank International, LTD.
–British Caribbean Bank Limited.
Business Strategy:
BCB Holdings strives to maximise shareholders’ value by offering clients high-value deposit account products, business and consumer loan products, credit card products and interest bearing deposit products.

Moreover, the firm tries to minimise the risk of extending credit to clients by offering a customised selection of loan products and credit card products that offer clients flexible repayment terms, convenient payment locations and other perks that are designed to make the repayment process as simple as possible.

Other Important Details:
AIM Stock Symbol: BCB.
Board of Directors:
CEO: Lyndon Guiseppi.
CFO: Peter Gaze.
Chairman: Wendell Mottley.
Deputy Chairman: Philip Johnson.

Brief Financial Summary for 2010:
Total Assets: £732,120,000.
Net Operations Income: £4,510,000.
Total Net Income: £16,000,000.

Interest Income: £57,280,000.
Interest Expenses: £27,930,000.
Loans Granted: £510,060,000.

Please remember: All financial data in this section have been rounded off to the nearest £1,000 for simplicity. The next set of financial data has been rounded to nearest pence to aid in analysis.
Diluted Earnings per Share: 17 p/share.

Contact Information:
Mailing address:
C/O Cenkos Securities Limited,
6.7.8 Tokenhouse Yard,
London, EC2R 7AS.

Phone Number: (44) 20 7397 8900.

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Aug 21

Basic Background Information:
The ICB Financial Group is also known to industry insiders as the ICB Banking Group or as the International Commercial Bank. It is a Switzerland-based financial services provider that offers consumers and corporations a wide variety of banking services. The firm operates branches in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Business Strategy:
The ICB Financial Group strives to provide basic and intermediate banking services to previously under-served areas and developing countries.

The aim of these services is to create long-term banking relationships with customers who could potentially access the firm’s credit and mortgage services. As a result, the firm strives to build high-quality customer relationships by providing value-added deposit services, access to basic banking services, access to micro loans and access to great customer service.

Current Business Locations:
The ICB Financial Group conducts business in many places around the world. Here is a brief listing of the firm’s most popular branch locations.

–ICB Limited, Ghana.
–ICB Bank Lao Limited.
–ICB Bank Serene Leone.
–ICB Bank Zambia, Limited.

Other Important Details:
London Stock Exchange AIM symbol: ICB.
Total Assets: £875,000,000 as of February 2011.
Value of 2010 Deposits: £835,000,000.
Net Interest Income for 2010: £42,300,000.

Shareholders’ Equity: £1,235,000 as of February 2011.
Value of Outstanding Loans: £675,000,000 as of February 2011.
Net 2010 Operating Profit: £5,230,000.

(Please remember that the above data were rounded off to the nearest £1,000 for convenience.)

Principal Officers:
Chairman: Michael Robert Hanlon.
CFO: Muniandy R Krishnan.

Managing Director of Consumer Banking: Al Alagappan.

Contact Information:
UK Mailing Address:
CREST Depositary Interests
Euroclear UK & Ireland Limited
33 Cannon Street
London EC4M 5SB, United Kingdom.

Telephone Numbers:
C/O ShareCommService AG
Europastrasse 29
CH-8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland
Tel: +044 809 5858
Fax: +044 809 5859.


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Aug 14

General Information:
Wasabi Energy is a Melbourne, Australia-based investment firm which invests in green technology. The firm’s stock is actively traded on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market. Its stock symbol is “WAS”.

Wasabi Energy strives to maximise their investment returns by actively working with investees to develop products, services and technologies that maximise revenues. The firm also develops potential green technology business ideas into viable small business enterprises. The aim of this work is to develop high-value small business projects that can help the firm further maximise its rate of return on its investments.

Executive Officers:
Executive Chairman: Mr. John Byrne.
Executive Director: Mr. Stephen Morris.
Master Engineer: Mr. Robert Reynolds.

Investment Policy:
Wasabi Energy generally invests in medium-range and long-haul green technology projects. The aim of these green technology investments is to increase the value of their investments through improved cash flow generation, capital growth via market appreciation of the company’s assets, or a combination of the first two items. Once a long-term investment has matured into a viable enterprise, the firm either lists the enterprise publicly on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market or sells the enterprise to maximise its value to shareholders. Current Portfolio Holdings:

Finally, Wasabi Energy currently has a stake in many green technology firms that are located in Australia and abroad. All of these firms are held by Wasabi Energy because it believes that these firms have the potential for long-term capital appreciation and improved cash flow capabilities.

Here is a listing of those holdings below:
Rum Jungle Uranium Limited—3%.
Aviva Corporation Limited—8%.
Greenearth Energy Limited—16%.

Australian Renewable Fuels Limited—24%.
Aqua Guardian Group Limited—50%.
Global Geothermal Limited—96%.

For a free copy of Wasabi Energy’s most recent annual report, please download a copy at

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Aug 07

Powerfilm Solar produces thin-film solar products used by companies and resellers around the world. These consist of lightweight, rollable solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial applications alike. As it operates through resellers rather than directly with clients, Powerfilm has a diverse set of markets, making them a good choice for investment. As the markets recover from the 2008 recession, indications are high that Powerfilm Solar stock will increase in value. Just in the past three months, the stock has more than doubled its value from 18p to nearly 36p.

Founded in 1988, Powerfilm has an edge on many of the younger green energy companies on the market. The company has decades of solar research and development experience. Indeed, Powerfilm is now the only company making thin-film solar products for military and consumer markets around the world. Standard solar panel producers are dependent upon the fluctuating price of silicon wafers, whereas Powerfilm uses amorphous silicon technology. When the price of silicon wafers goes up, expect Powerfilm’s stock price to go up in tandem as a short-term gain.

The company is branching out beyond thin-film solar panels into other thin semiconductor markets. It has formed a partnership with leading tech company Hewlett-Packard to develop low-cost backplane drivers for flat-screen displays. Other markets for Powerfilm’s expertise include those for RFID chips and electronic paper. As the only game in town, the company has been making all the right moves to secure positive results.

Investors saw a remarkable rally in PFLM’s price on the Alternative Investment Markets (AIM) due to the release of its 2010 results, which showed that it was clearly underpriced. Indications are strong that the company will continue to enjoy medium-term and long-term growth potential. Investors looking for green energy and cleantech stocks to invest in could do no better than Powerfilm Solar.

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Jul 21

First established in the People’s Republic of China in 2004, Jetion Solar is a solar module provider with business in China, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Its stated aim is to make clean, renewable energy available to companies and home owners around the world through cutting-edge photovoltaic (PV) technologies. PV providers are among the fastest-growing green businesses, and the market is highly competitive. New technologies are being developed every year, with greater efficiencies and reduced costs compared to the years before.

Jetion Solar has maintained a solid growth trajectory over the past several years, both in terms of revenues and in terms of stock value. Its 2010 profits were higher than expected, though the company expects that similar profits won’t be available in 2011 due to the removal of green energy subsidies in many European countries. It has maintained a position on London’s AIM exchange for the past several years. However, as of March 2011, the company has reported that it will no longer trade on the Alternative Investment Markets. Indications are that Jetion Solar will trade exclusively on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

For investors interested in purchasing shares of Jetion Solar, unfortunately AIM is no longer the right venue. As a high-performing solar energy provider throughout Asia, it is an excellent growth stock, and many investors are waiting for further news about where it will eventually trade. Jetion expects that its European business will dry up due to the reduction in subsidies.

Little is known about whether the company will take a stronger position in China and Hong Kong or whether it will seek new ways to conduct business throughout Europe. Regardless, Jetion Solar (JHL) is a stock to keep your eyes on if you have an interest in trading on Asian exchanges. As one of the higher-performing companies in the sector, the markets are watching its moves very closely.

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Jul 14

ITM Power is dedicated to producing commercially viable hydrogen power sources. The technology for these sources already exists; it simply requires a company with the capital and know-how to bring it to the world. By using water electrolysis, a technique invented over two centuries ago, to separate hydrogen from oxygen, energy can be stored in fuel cells and released.

Hydrogen fuel cells use the same technology that powered space ships, just on a smaller scale. Factories and even personal vehicles may one day use ITM Power’s technology. Just like computers decreased in size from mainframes to personal computers, ITM Power is facilitating the process of decreasing hydrogen engines in size.

As of the end of 2010, many industries and companies around the UK have agreed to allow ITM Power to conduct on-site hydrogen power trials. Some high-profile examples include public services provider Amey, glass repair company AutoGlass, motor vehicle services provider RAC and maintenance services provider Enterprise. These companies share with ITM Power a dedication to promoting the welfare of the environment as well as a desire to stop using so many fossil fuels. The waste products of gasoline pollute the environment, while the waste products of electrolysis and hydrogen fueling are simply water and oxygen.

In the Alternative Investment Markets (AIM), ITM Power has been buffeted by the winds of the global recession as much as any other company. It reached its low in early 2009, and slowly increased in value until early 2011, when it fell again. The markets are waiting to see the outcome of ITM Power’s hydrogen trials begun in late 2010. If these trials lead to solid results, the price of ITM on AIM is likely to shoot back up. In its early days, the company was quite volatile, and in the current period, the stock is also likely to show a lot of volatility.

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Jul 07

Ilika Plc plays a supplemental role in the world of green industry. Founded in 2006, the company has specialized in producing materials used in green manufacturing cheaply and quickly. Its stated goals are to improve efficiency and speed up innovation by testing materials more quickly and enabling rapid commercialisation of environmentally friendly products and services.

As a relative newcomer to AIM, its stock has had mixed receptions, with a high in late 2010 of 60p almost immediately followed by a low of 45p or so in early 2011. The market isn’t quite sure of its role in the new renewable energy economy, and investors are wary of anything whose position isn’t quite sure in the climate following the global recession . This may not be a long-lasting wariness, as Ilika PLC has made a number of innovative strides forward through partnerships with various green energy and other cleantech companies around the world.

As recently as June 2011, Ilika Plc has announced a hydrogen storage collaboration project with Sigma Aldrich Materials Science. The advances made through the collaboration between Ilika’s process orientation and Sigma Aldrich’s research background may lead to greater public adoption of clean hydrogen energy. In 2010 the company won numerous grants for its research into a variety of topics such as thermoelectric screening technology, lithium-ion batteries, bio-functional polymers and more.

Ilika is currently sitting around its all-time low, but indicators suggest that it is a clear short-term growth stock. Its success largely depends on its innovation, and with the recent hydrogen storage project coming so closely on the heels of the successes of 2010, it would appear that Ilika has a whole lot more technological development to offer the world. Ilika Plc is definitely a company for investors to watch in the news. It has, in its short time on the markets, proven to be quite volatile.

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Jun 16

Alternative Energy Ltd. provides a variety of environmentally friendly solutions for lighting and construction. Their stated goals are to provide alternative energy solutions as well as ways to save both money and energy on new home construction from the ground up. From eLUMEN LED light bulbs to solar powered streetlights to entire homes built using green construction standards for heat, electricity and water conservation, Alternative Energy Ltd is at the forefront of green development.

The company was founded in 2006, and it has maintained a position on AIM since late 2007. It has generally been conservative as far as penny stocks go, maintaining a value between 4 and 6 cents per share over the past four years. It is relatively small as a company, yet its offerings are quite diverse, and it has been difficult for investors to read or make impulsive decisions with regards to its share price.

As a young company, Alternative Energy Ltd. has yet to show investors the extent of its potential value. For instance, it offers affordable energy-saving lights, a special rooftop design to maximize energy conservation and eco-friendly buildings to live in. Each subsystem is designed to fit together to create a futuristic “green” lifestyle for sale; however, the company has not yet developed every subsystem to its fullest capacity. As a result, it offers less of an integrated lifestyle and more of an eclectic mix of environmentally friendly options.

Still, Alternative Energy Ltd. is seen by many investors as an attractive investment. It is poised to make big gains once it releases just a few more products and sees profit margins go just a little higher. It is currently slightly over 6 cents per share, the highest it’s ever been, and investors see this company continuing to grow, whether it’s steadily or explosively, over the years to come.

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Jun 16

Hydrodec’s business is founded in a proprietary method of re-refining transformer oil by taking the toxins out so that it can be reused. It has effectively created its own market, allowing for the collection and resale of transformer oil at far reduced prices from the oil’s initial costs. The recycled oil, known as Superfine transformer oil, allows businesses in the electrical industry to save money, time and the environment.

Over the past several years since Hydrodec’s inception in 2004, the company has seen a number of minor setbacks which have deflated its price in the markets. For instance, it celebrated the opening of its first major refinery in October 2008, yet soon after suffered from a lack of working capital because its expectations for growth were not conservative enough. Hydrodec has been seen by many investors as a risky long-term investment, full of potential yet also full of potential losses. This is in part due to the fact that it is the only company of its kind providing PCB-removal services from recycled oil.

As of May 2011, Hydrodec has utilised a £2 million debt financing solution to help purchase feedstock and fund recent growth. Its recent investments around the world, especially in Japan where recycled transformer oil is in high demand, have made this debt financing a smart move in the eyes of many investors. However, there is always the worry that capital won’t flow as strongly as the company hopes that it will, due to the relative lack of similar companies for comparison. This keeps the price of Hydrodec stock volatile, which makes any investment in this AIM stock potentially quite valuable.

In the future, Hydrodec seeks to expand its business to cover other types of machine oil including hydraulic oils. This may make an investment in this stock a good idea over the medium to long term.

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