Sep 16

When Maynard Paton provides insight on stocks to look out for, people take notice and listen. In this case, Paton is discussing two potential buys that people need to jump on before the rest of the public has a chance to do that. What are these things?

The first of these two buys is Daejan, a commercial property operator. It is thought to be a good buy for a number of reasons, most of which have to do with the people who run it. One of the things that Paton likes to focus on is the leadership of a company. It is a good indicator of a company’s chance at future success because the people who make decisions need to be smart, experienced, and savvy in order to give the company a chance at prolonged success. For the Daejan, the company’s leadership is top notch.

Another thing that Paton likes to take a look at is the public perception of a company. In order to find value, a company needs not only good leadership and a solid business plan, but they need to be flying under the radar a little bit, too. As it stands, the company is one of the least known big companies in the world, and this is a positive for its value at this point in time.

What we see in Paton’s opinion is that he likes companies who provide both a necessary and specialized service. In this case, it’s an insurance company that works with small businesses of all types. The company is Abbey Protection, and they provide small business owners with insurance against unexpected legal expenses. Again, this company provides solid leadership backbone to guide it in difficult financial times. The real kicker here is the service that Abbey Protection offers, though. Paton is right on the ball in terms of analysis on this company, as it should be a good bet to grow in the near future.

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