Jan 07

I have a habit of watching the oil AIM shares, for two reasons.  The first is I have friends in the industry, as my wife trained as a Geologist, and I got to know many of them at Aston University.

I spotted this in the news and it hit a spot.

uk.reuters article

This company, 4 months or so ago, were dropping like a stone as they were not achiving the drill speed they had expected.  The suspicious investor could think that it was a sign they were up against the wall, and were unlikely to hit gas at any time in the future.  (Or at least while their funds were still available).

It seems (and I can only say in retrospect) that they have hit gas, and so the business can grow some more.  There are some interesting comments on the LSE board if you use it.

If anyone has any other companies like this, it would be good to hear.

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