Sep 16

The Thrifty 30 – An entertaining and informative blog


Richard Beddard takes his experiment in the Thrifty 30  and makes investing fun and practical for the masses. Beddard has set out to pick a portfolio of cheap stocks that can be purchased in small amounts – in this case, 30 shares at a time. He clearly lays out his criteria for choosing the stocks, but just as clearly states that it is up to the participants to do their own research. “Cheap, safe companies” is more or less the gospel of Beddard’s Thrifty 30. He tends to stick with established companies as opposed to upstarts that – though cheap – tend to be less stable. He offers clear and concise reasoning for the companies he chooses to add to the Thrifty 30 list, keeping his explanations to near sound-bite length. His reasoning and thought processes are easy to understand, though some may think he’s playing it too safe.
I think Beddard’s approach to investing is refreshing. At a time when many are thinking the best approach in these difficult financial times is to hide any extra cash in the mattress, Beddard inspires people to peak from beneath the covers and look anew at the opportunities investing can offer. The Thrifty 30, for many, is like learning to walk again. Beddard is moving us along in our investment journey, showing us the baby steps along the way.
Beddard’s blog is informative without carrying the air of musty stock reports adorned with endless, mind-numbing charts, graphs and over-analysis. Although he does include the occasional graph, Beddard explains things rather concisely. This experiment in thrifty stock purchases actually makes for refreshing and inspiring blog reading.

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